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You’d be hard-pressed to find an auto body shop that keeps your car looking and running its best like we can!

While there are cosmetic issues that your vehicle could have that would involve going to an auto body shop, the majority of things you need done require an experienced mechanic. However, it only makes sense to have a place that you can go for anything you need done on your vehicle. Whether you are in need of automotive repairs or preventative services so you can get the most miles out of your vehicle, or you have auto body damage you need repaired, you’ll find that calling on us at Johnny’s Muffler & Auto Express is a wise idea. We have earned a stellar reputation for quality service and reasonable pricing for scheduled auto maintenance, auto repairs, and all the things you might normally turn to an auto body shop for.

Auto Body Shop in Salisbury, North Carolina

Our scheduled auto maintenance services include fluid level checks, oil changes, tune-ups, transmission flushes, OBD2 inspections, and state vehicle inspections (which, incidentally, we do for less than anyone else!). Our automotive repairs include brakes, starters, alternators, suspension systems, shocks and struts, radiators, axles, catalytic converters, batteries, AC service, tire repairs, tire rotations, computerized alignments, computerized balancing, and exhausts & mufflers. So, if your vehicle needs any of these services, as well as auto body work, let us know and we’ll make your vehicle look great, sound great, drive great, and drive safely as you traverse the highways in the Salisbury, North Carolina area.

Having a beautiful car that our auto body shop keeps looking good is important, but making sure it goes down the road safely and reliably is just as important. If it doesn’t run, it is nothing more than an expensive decoration for your driveway. Turn to us when you want your auto services to be done right at a decent price and resolve that dent, scratch, or other blemish while we are at it.

If you have any questions about the various services that we have to offer or you would like to make an appointment for repair or maintenance services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You’ll soon see why so many in the Salisbury, North Carolina area turn to us!