Battery Disposal, Concord, NC

We always handle battery disposal in accordance with safety regulations and protocols.

When your vehicle’s battery comes to the end of its lifespan, it is important to know that battery disposal must be done properly. There are EPA regulations involved with the disposal of any type of battery, even those used for electronics, smoke detectors, and other items in your Concord, North Carolina home. The reason is that the heavy metals inside can be damaging to the environment if they leak out because battery disposal wasn’t done properly.

Battery Disposal in Concord, North Carolina

At Johnny’s Muffler & Auto Express, we always handle battery disposal in accordance with safety regulations and protocols. Have you ever wondered why automotive parts companies charge a battery core charge when you purchase a new battery? The reason stems from the importance of having battery disposal done properly. When you take back your old battery to get your core charge deposit returned, it can be processed in a safe manner. A core charge to promote battery recycling is allowed in every state, and in 30 states, it is required by law.

Since we truly care about the environment, we are happy to offer battery disposal for our customers who have an old battery they need to get rid of. Ideally, you would take it to where you purchased your new battery so that you can get your core deposit back, but if that isn’t possible for some reason and you want to be sure the battery is disposed of properly, feel free to bring it to us. If you are having battery issues, reach out to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle checked out.

At Johnny’s Muffler & Auto Express, we offer battery disposal to those in Salisbury, Kannapolis, Lexington, Concord, Albemarle, Mocksville, Granite Quarry, Rockwell, Richfield, Asheboro, Denton, Cleveland, Statesville, Mooresville, and throughout Rowan County, North Carolina.