Oil and Air Filter Changes, Salisbury, NC

Oil and air filter changes are crucial to the lifespan and functionality of your car.

When you breathe in through your nose, tiny hairs inside the nostrils help to filter out contaminants and protect your body. An HVAC system within a home has a filter to prevent debris from floating around in the air you breathe, and the heating and air conditioning system in your vehicle does as well. Changing the filter in an HVAC system is an important aspect of routine maintenance that helps protect your indoor air quality. Within your car, regular air filter changes also keep your cabin air clean. The engine in a vehicle also contains an air filter, which traps particles that can damage the cylinder walls, pistons, bearings, and cylinders.

Oil and Air Filter Changes in Salisbury, North Carolina

In addition to the cabin and engine air filters, your car contains an oil filter. Each of these filters plays an important role in preventing contaminants from moving into areas where they can cause damage. An oil filter maintains a continuous flow of oil to the engine and eliminates particles that occur in response to engine wear, such as metallic shavings, dirt, and oxidized oil.

Oil and air filter changes are crucial to the lifespan and functionality of your car. Knowing when you need oil and air filter changes can be challenging, but our technicians at Johnny’s Muffler & Auto Express can answer any questions you have and get you set up on a schedule. We are honest and transparent when providing oil and air filter changes to our customer’s in Salisbury, North Carolina, so we’ll tell you when each needs to be replaced and get the job taken care of to keep your ride running smoothly.

At Johnny’s Muffler & Auto Express, we offer oil and air filter changes to those in Salisbury, Kannapolis, Lexington, Concord, Albemarle, Mocksville, Granite Quarry, Rockwell, Richfield, Asheboro, Denton, Cleveland, Statesville, Mooresville, and throughout Rowan County, North Carolina.