4 Muffler Repair Warning Signs

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Your car’s muffler works to curb the amount of noise your engine emits while also managing the amount of exhaust it produces. As a result, your engine performs better, and you stay safe from breathing toxic exhaust fumes. For your health and the longevity of your vehicle, you want to be made aware the moment problems arise with your muffler. Here are four warning signs that your muffler may be in need of repair:

4 Muffler Repair Warning Signs

1. Noisy engine: One of the muffler’s primary jobs is suppressing the noise your engine makes using a set of internal tubes. If there’s a hole in your muffler, this device could lose its sound-dampening properties and cause your vehicle’s engine to be noisy when operating. A rattling sound can also be a clue that your muffler is damaged, broken, or no longer properly attached. In these scenarios, you want to have your vehicle looked at for possible muffler repair.

2. Decreased fuel economy: A well-maintained exhaust system will often reflect in optimal fuel usage — but if you’re experiencing trips to the gas station more often that you expect, this could point to a malfunction.

3. Smoke, water, or rust from tailpipe: If you’re in need of muffler repair, you may see condensation or smoke coming from your tailpipe. Over time, this may lead to rusting and deterioration.

4. Hot engine: Another symptom of an exhaust system or muffler failure is increased engine temperatures. If your dashboard’s engine temperature gauge is signaling that your engine is overheating, especially if you notice this along with other signs of needed muffler repair, you should book an appointment with your mechanic to determine if there is a problem that needs addressing.