5 Warning Signs for Tire Repairs

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Your car’s tires are responsible for keeping you safe and comfortable — and if an issue with your tires arises, you’ll want to be alerted quickly. Here are five signs your tires may be due for maintenance, repair, or replacement:

5 Warning Signs for Tire Repairs

1. Tire pressure warning light: If your car’s dashboard begins illuminating the signal indicating that your tire pressure is low, there’s a possibility that the vehicle may be due for tire repairs as this can be evidence of a bigger issue.

2. Balding tires: As your tires lose tread with age and wear, you may be in the market for tire repairs or replacements. To test the depth of your tire’s tread, position a penny between the treading with Lincoln’s head facing you downwards. If his entire head is visible, this is a sign that your car’s tire has little grip, and you’ll want to have your tires serviced by a professional soon.

3. Damage to tires: Fissures developing along your tire’s surface, especially openings large enough to see your car’s steel belts or body cords, are a definite sign that your tires are due for a replacement or repair.

4. Misshapen tires: If a tire seems to unevenly protrude in a certain area, this is a clue that there is some internal damage developing that should be checked out by your mechanic.

5. Uneven wear: If you see your tire’s tread deteriorating more rapidly on one side, this could be a hint that your tires are not properly aligned, with one area making more contact with the road than the other. In this situation, it’s best to book an appointment with your mechanic as tire repairs or replacement may be necessary. An adjustment to your alignment may also be necessary.