What To Expect During State Vehicle Inspections

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Taking care of your car and making sure it’s running properly is important for your own safety and the wellbeing of your car. However, in addition to your own desire to keep your car running, state vehicle inspections help prevent accidents and damages caused by faulty car systems by adding a legal requirement to have your car periodically checked out by professionals. The specific examination points for state vehicle inspections are different for each state, but there are many points of overlap.

What To Expect During State Vehicle Inspections

For example, state vehicle inspections all require a fairly comprehensive checkup on your car. Systems such as the brakes, seat belts, steering wheels, lights, and more are all important during a state vehicle inspection and will be checked out to make sure they are working properly. Otherwise, you won’t pass your vehicle inspection and your car will be too unsafe to take onto the road.

Another thing to expect during your state vehicle inspection is an emissions test. An emissions test examines the exhaust fumes that exit your car while it’s running. The amount of exhaust produced must be below a certain point per environmental regulations, since car exhaust can be damaging to the environment.

State vehicle inspections can be annoying to deal with, but our team here at Johnny’s Muffler & Auto Express is here to make sure your state vehicle inspection goes as smoothly as possible. If your vehicle needs an inspection and you aren’t sure what to expect, reach out to us today.