Why Car Suspension Systems are So Important

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Have you ever felt your car pulling when you drive? Or feel every single bump on the road? Do you know why your car drives so smooth? This is because your suspension system is doing its job. Suspension systems are an important component of cars’ functionality. Here are a few things you will experience if your suspension system is not working properly.

Why Car Suspension Systems are So Important

    • Pulling to one side while driving
    • Feeling every bump and bouncing
    • Your car is sitting low in a corner
  • Difficulty controlling the steering
  • Nose diving forward when braking

Those are just a few examples of what your vehicle will do if your suspension system is unstable. When you take care of your suspension, you are making sure you are safe. Your suspension helps to keep you in control of your vehicle, therefore when it isn’t working, you have a higher chance of getting into an accident. You will also lose the comfort accompanied with a smooth ride.

Suspension systems are made of springs and shock absorbers. The springs allow your car to “bounce” over the bumps and help minimize the impact on your car. This is what makes your car rides smooth. So, all in all, your suspension system is very important to the functionality of your car. Taking care of it is ultimately taking care of you. If you are worried about the way your suspension system is acting, give us a call today at Jonny’s Muffler & Auto Express and we will get your suspension back up and running.