5 Signs to Make a Scheduled Auto Maintenance Appointment

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You should have your car examined at minimum once a year to keep your vehicle running smoothly for as long as possible, according to Kelley Blue Book. On top of these routine scheduled auto maintenance checks, it’s best to have your car inspected if you notice certain changes in how it operates. Here are five issues that can mean your car’s due for a checkup:

5 Signs to Make a Scheduled Auto Maintenance Appointment

1. Engine light: If your dashboard is displaying a light that signifies a malfunction within your engine or related systems, you should have your car serviced by a professional to diagnose and fix this problem.

2. Braking issues: Along with poor brake performance in general, sounds of screeching, thumping, or grinding are indications that your brakes may be in need of replacement or repair. In these cases, it’s best for your safety and the longevity of your car to have your brakes professionally evaluated soon.

3. Slower acceleration: A car that begins taking longer to reach a high velocity may benefit from an engine tune-up to get the vehicle running properly.

4. Stalling and starting problems: A sure sign of a car in need of servicing is if you’re experiencing complications with stalling or turning your car on. In these situations, it’s best practice to have your car serviced by making a scheduled auto maintenance appointment.

5. Transmission malfunctioning: If your car is an automatic and you observe it leaking fluid, experiencing halts while accelerating, having difficulty switching gears, or emitting burning smells, it may be in need of transmission repair or replacement. In this scenario, make a scheduled auto maintenance appointment to have the problem solved.